Employers' Liability Insurance

£10 million cover for your people


What is Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Employers' Liability Insurance covers you if one of your employees is injured or becomes ill due to the work they do for you and makes a claim.

For example, if an employee injures themselves using a piece of machinery they haven’t been properly trained on, they could file a claim against you.

You can add £10 million of Employers' Liability cover to your public liability policy as an optional extra for an additional premium.

What does Employer’s Liability Insurance Cover?

Employers’ Liability Insurance covers your legal fees and costs if an employee makes a claim against you. It could also cover their medical expenses.

Some examples of when Churchill’s Employer’s Liability Insurance protects you include:

  • An employee loses their hearing after years of working with noisy machinery
  • Someone trips over a box that’s been left lying around
  • Your receptionist develops a repetitive strain injury and can’t use their computer

What’s the difference between Employers’ Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers you if a member of the public or a client hurts themselves or becomes ill because of your business activities.

Employers' Liability Insurance covers you for the same reasons but focuses entirely on your employees.

Another essential difference is that Employers' Liability Insurance is required by law but Public Liability Insurance is optional.

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Policy documents for policies starting 23 August 2023