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Landlord Insurance

Boiler Cover for Landlords

Boiler cover can be added to our Landlord Insurance policy


Adding Boiler Cover to Your Landlord Insurance

There’s never a good time for the boiler to break down, especially when temperatures drop and heating and hot water are essential.

Prepare for emergencies by choosing Buildings and Contents cover that includes heating systems, hot water heaters, and a comprehensive range of equipment breakdown cover.

Reasons to rely on Churchill for Landlord Insurance

  • A free 24-hour business helpline
  • Discounted premiums for multiple properties
  • A personal claims handler with every claim to support you from notification to settlement
  • 24-hour access to your online policy documents

What's covered?

If you want to insure your boiler you need the appropriate level of cover.

For example, we don't cover your boiler if you only have Contents Insurance. The boiler is classed as part of the building, so you need to have Buildings Insurance as part of your cover.

Boiler Cover doesn't include annual servicing.

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